Information Systems Engineering department, Ben-Gurion University.


Dr. Avi Rosenfeld

Jerusalem College of Technology.

Committee Members:

Prof. Ariel Felner

Information Systems Engineering Department, Ben-Gurion University.

Prof. Aviv Zohar

The Rachel and Selim Benin School of Engineering and Computer Science,The Hebrew University.

Prof. Eyal Shimony

Computer Science Department, Ben-Gurion University.

Dr. David Sarne

Computer Science Department, Bar-Ilan University.

Prof. Shaul Markovitch

Computer Science Department, Technion.

Dr. Anna Zamansky

Information Systems Department , University of Haifa.

Dr. Inon Zuckerman

Industrial Engineering Management Department, Ariel University.

Dr. Avi Rosenfeld

Jerusalem College of Technology.

Dr. Esther David

Ashkelon College.

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