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IAAI Best PhD thesis award



Dr. Leshem Choshen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. PhD thesis: Improving Neural Machine Translation using Semantic Structure. Advised by Prof. Omri Abend


Dr. Hila Gonen, Bar-Ilan University. PhD thesis: Multilinguality and Bias in Language Modeling. Advised by Prof. Yoav Goldberg.

Committee members:   Carmel Domshlak, Gal Kaminka



Dr. Omer Ben-Porat, Technion. PhD thesis: Strategic Behavior in prediction and recommendation. Advised by Prof. Moshe Tennenholtz


Dr. Roee Aharoni, Bar-Ilan University. PhD thesis: Topics in Sequence-to-sequence learning in NLP. Advised by Prof. Ido Dagan.

Committee members:   Onn Shenory, Shaul Markovitch



Dr Yossi  Adi, Bar-Ilan University. PhD thesis: On the Robustness of Deep Neural Models and their Applications to Speech Science. Advised by Prof. Joseph  Keshet


Dr. Yossi Arjevani,  Weizmann Institute. PhD thesis: On the Theoretical Foundations of Large-Scale Optimization with Applications in Machine Learning. Advised by Prof. Ohad Shamir.

Committee members:   Omer Lev, Jeff  Rosenschein, David Sarne, Aya Soffer


Dr Avi Segal, Ben-Gurion University. PhD thesis: Intelligent Intervention Design in Large Scale Task Systems. Advised by Prof. Kobi Gal. Award sponsored by Intuition Robotics.

Committee members:   Noa Agmon, Claudia Goldman


Dr Mor Vered, Bar-Ilan University. PhD thesis: A General Approach For Plan And GoalRecognition. Advised by Prof. Gal Kaminka. Award sponsored by General Motors.

Committee members:   Claudia Goldman, Gila Kamhi, Roi Reshef

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